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How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?

How many calories can stand up Paddle Boarding burn?

In light winds, Paddle Boarding will burn approximately 300 to 500 calories per hour, which is about twice the amount of a casual walk!

So Paddle Boarding or SUP whilst very enjoyable, can also be part of your exercise regime. Read on for more detailed information on why this water sport is such a great way of burning calories and is also a full body workout!

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How can Paddle Boarding burn so many Calories?

During an hour’s worth of Paddle Boarding or SUP activities, you could expect to burn anywhere from 300 to 500 calories per hour. Paddleboarding is physically one of the most involved and tiring board sports which are popular here in Scotland. When you are Stand Up Paddle Boarding, you are continuously working all your muscles for balance, using your core to stabilize yourself and power your paddle paddle with your muscles all working in tandem.

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Not to mention the wind!

One feature we all know and love in Scotland, is our gale force wind which puts hairs on your chest. The wind will be howling up at Torrisdale Bay or over at Loch Lomond. If you have been Paddle Boarding in Scotland there is a good chance you have encountered a fresh breeze out on the water. As a Paddle Boarder or SUP, it means constantly working your body to combat the wind. Lovely sculpted core and tired arms propelling your board forwards against the wind. Coming off the water you are jolly but definitely tired out! The continuous paddling into strong winds, the full body vibrations you get from a good wave session and the occasional swim. Paddle Boarding really is a full body workout. We personally love this feeling of being tired out and stoked at the same time, but why does the wind always blow the wrong way?

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The Calorie Numbers

See below for Calories Burned per activity, these calculations are based on an hours worth of exercise per activity. 

Casual Paddle Boarding: 250 to 400 Calories (More calories than a casual paced walk).

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – SUP Activities (in light winds): 300 to 500 Calories.

Paddle Boarding Yoga – SUP Yoga: 400 to 600 Calories.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Surfing – SUP Surfing: 600 to 800 Calories

Stand Up Paddle Board Racing – SUP Racing: 700 to 1200 Calories.

For Comparison a casual walk for an hour will approximately burn 250 Calories.

See you in the Water!

We hope this will act as more motivation for you all to get out there and enjoy this jolly good watersport. This definitely helps explain why you will get tired out so quickly while Paddleboarding. You could look at incorporating higher intensity bursts of paddling into your paddle boarding and then allowing yourself to recover. This will increase your calories burned and also make you a strong Paddle Boarder.

Remember to stay safe out there, Morrigan can be a cruel Goddess.

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