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Scotlands Ultimate Haunted Locations

Scotlanders Auld Haunts

Be it tall tales, myth or legend, there is no denying that there are many stories going back hundreds of years about haunted places and ghost sightings throughout Scotland.

With Scotland’s war torn past & dramatic architecture, there is no wonder we have had so many claimed ghost sightings and apparently haunted places! Do you believe them? Or have you witnessed them first hand?

We have detailed below our Ultimate Haunted Locations throughout Scotland. Ghost Hunters from across the globe visit Scotland to explore these spooky places. Delve deeper with us into the murky mire, but do not forget to bring your Proton Pack, as we think you might need it!

Scotlander mary kings close, haunted places scotland

Mary King’s Close

Starting of our Deep Dive into the quite literal Underworld with Edinburgh’s, Mary King’s Close. Beneath the City Chambers on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile lies Scotland’s Capitals deepest secret, an underworld of hidden streets where many of Edinburgh’s residents lived, worked and died between the 17th and the 19th centuries.

The Black Death

These very streets were hit hard with the Bubonic Plague, Those inflicted with the disease were forbidden from leaving their homes and as the Bubonic Plague spread so did the desperation in Edinburgh’s residents. As the Black Death spread throughout the city, there was a decision made to blockade this section of the city to imprison the residents with the Bubonic Plague. So it would be, the plague stricken residents were left to fend for themselves. Over time, Edinburgh built around and even on top of Mary King’s Close. Those inside had perished but the stories remain alive, as do the ghosts of the Plague stricken past, or do they?

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Anyone who has travelled up to the Scottish Highlands will be familiar with Glencoe. The road through the valley connects the western highlands with the central belt, with otherworldly beauty and famous glens. 

Glencoe however has bore witness to some horrific bloodthirsty battles, not least the Massacre of Clan MacDonald in the 1690s. This was a heinous act of brutality which started with plans drawn up by the Lord Advocate, John Dalrymple, his orders to the commander of the force sent to carry out the atrocity were chilling. 

The Massacre of Glencoe

“You are hereby ordered to fall upon the rebels, the McDonalds, of Glencoe and put all to the sword under seventy years of age. You are to have special care that the old fox (McDonald Clan Chief) and his sons do not escape your hands. You are to secure all the avenues, so no man may escape…. This is by the King’s special command, for the good of the country, that these miscreants be cut off root and branch. See that this be put in execution without feud or favour, else you may expect to be treated as not true to the king’s government, nor a man fit to carry a commission in the king’s service. Expecting you will not fail in the fulfilling hereof as you love yourself, I subscribe these with my hand. Master of the Stair (John Dalyrmple).”

The troubled past of Glencoe has led to many haunted sightings. The morning of the 13th February, the anniversary of the massacre, is when the presence of the massacred MacDonalds will send a chill down your spine.

Scotlander dunnotar castle, haunted places scotland

Dunnottar Castle

Perched high atop a rocky peninsula in Scotland’s northeast lies Dunnottar Castle. The castle has a truly violent past having changed hands numerous times after being conquered by King Edward during the war for independence. 

The location of the castle is one of the most breathtaking in the country, surrounded by sharp cliffs dropping into the depths of the North Sea. The warring history of the castle and the prisoners kept there has led many to believe this is a place of unrest. 

Famously, there have been sightings of two females: a young girl in a tartan skirt and the ‘Lady in Green’ sighted in the local brewery. It is also believed ghostly cries of anguish can be heard in the castle ruins at night when no other living person is present. 

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There has been no more significant battle fought on British soil since 1746… but some say the ghosts of that monstrous battle still wage war to this day. The Battle of Culloden was a bloodbath between The Jacobite’s and the ruling House of Hanover over who should sit on the British throne.

Named after Culloden Moor near Inverness, where the battle was fought, it marked the end of a long and arduous campaign from the courageous Jacobite’s. It was on this bleak moor in 1746 that the bloody battle of Culloden took place near Inverness. In barely 40 minutes, thousands of clansmen were cut down and the Jacobite Uprising of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army was defeated, ending the Jacobite rebellion. Cries, sword clashes and gunfire have all been heard at the battlefield

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Edinburgh Castle

Perched high above the Scottish capital, world-famous Edinburgh Castle is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland and there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity over the years. Former prisoners are said to haunt the dungeons and a headless drummer, first seen shortly before Oliver Cromwell attacked the castle in 1650, has also been spotted. Although many people have heard the sound of his drums coming from the battlements, his physical appearance is rare and is said to foretell danger for the castle.

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The Drover’s Inn

It wouldn’t be a Scottish trip without visiting some of our traditional pubs. The Drover’s Inn is one of the oldest pubs in the country. Located at the very top of Loch Lomond, The Drovers Inn is steeped in three centuries of Scottish History. In fact, Rob Roy himself has enjoyed hospitality at this very pub. 

The Drover’s Inn is said to be a home to a range of ghosts! Here is a snippet of one of the stories you will find on their website.

‘’It is said that in the years that have passed since that tragic occurrence, many guests that have slept in room 6, have been woken through the night having felt a small icey cold and wet body next to them in bed. There have also been sightings of Anabel, who has been searching for her owner, who she was sadly never reunited with.’’