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Scottish Slang

Aboot – About. (Where are you aboot).

Aff – Off (You are aff your head!).

Ah ken – I know. (Ah ken I am late).

Ah wisnae – I was not. (I wisnae doing anything).

Ah wiz like – I said, past tense. (Ah wiz like, do not speak to me like that).

Ah’m ur – I am. (Ah’m ur working tommorow).

Ah’m urny / Ah’m no – I am not. (Ah’m no working tommorow).

An’ aw – As well. (You can give me a sweet an’ aw).

Anno – I know. (Anno you gave me £5, but i will give you it back).

Auld / Auld Yin – Old / old one. (How you doing Auld Yin).

Baccy – Tobacco (Can you lend me some baccy?)

Baffies – Slippers. (Put your baffies on).

Bahoochie / behouchie – bum. (If you keep being rude i will slap your Bahoochie).

Bairn – baby / child. (She is just a bairn).

Baltic – Freezing cold. (Put the heating on, it’s baltic in here!).

Bampot – Idiot. (That manager is a bampot).

Banger – Old car (Did you see that banger he was driving).

Barry – Excellent / fantastic (That’s barry!)

Batter – to fight and win easily. (I would batter you!)

Bawbag – scrotum, ball sack (That guy’s a bawbag).

Bawhair – Unit of measurement denoted by the thickness of a pubic hair. (I missed the bus by a bawhair).

Bawheid – Ballhead, bald, empty-headed, stupid (Your a bawheid!).

Baws – Testicles. (I will kick you in the baws).

Belter – Excellent, great, fantastic. (That bike is a belter).

Ben – Down or through. (Could you go ben the room and get me my glasses).

Bevvy – Alcoholic beverage (Would you like a bevvy tonight?).

Bide / biding – Stay / home. (Where do you bide now? I am biding in Edinburgh).

Big Yin – Big One, used as a term of endearment towards older relatives or friends. (Good to see you, Big yin).

Birl – Spin. (Watch me birl about).

Bit – Home (Meet me at my bit) (I am walking over to my dad’s bit).

Bits – Boots,  (Let me get my bits on).

Blootered – Very drunk. (Sorry, I was blootered last night).

Boaby – Penis. (How big was his boaby?).

Boak – Sick, disgust. (That smell is giving me the boak).

Boggin – Smelly, unpleasant. (That cafe was boggin).

Bolt – Go away quickly, often said to children who you are asking to disperse. (Bolt!)

Bonnie – Pretty, beautiful. (She was the bonniest girl in the town).

Boot – Ugly woman. (She was a boot).

Bowfin – Sick making. (That food is bowfin).

Braw – Good looking, beautiful. (He is a braw).

Breeks – trousers. (Get your breeks pulled up).

Broon – Brown. (Pass me the broon sauce).

Bucky – Short for Buckfast, a popular alcholic drink. (I am drinking bucky tonight).

Buftie – Homosexual (You are a buftie).

Bunker – Table top / kitchen counter (I put the keys on the bunker).

Burd – Girlfriend, or girls in general (Check out the burds).

Burn – River tributary or stream (Put your wellies on and play in the stream).

Calm doon – Relax (Calm doon, it was an accident).

Cannae – Can not. ( I cannae do that).

Chankin – Cold (It is chankin today!).

Chebs – Breasts. (Look at the chebs on her).

Chib – Stab with a knife. (I will chib you).

Chief – Friend. (How are you doing chief?).

Choochter – A person who lives in rural location. (We are in choochter country now).

Choon – Song. (Put the choons on).

Chum – Accompany someone (Chum me to the shops).

Clarty – Dirty, unwashed. (She is clarty looking).

Class – Something that is really good (That cafe is class).

Cauld – Cold (It is cauld this morning).

Cludgie – Toilet (I am going to the cludgie).

Clype -Tell tale. (Don’t clype on me).

Cooncil juice – Tap water. (We have only got cooncil juice left).

Coupin – Face. (I hit him right in the coupin).

Craic – Chat (What is the craic?).

Crivens – Exclamation. (Crivens, that gave me a fright).

Cummoan – Hurry up. (Commoan, we are going to be late).

Cuttin – Walking or exploring in a location.  (I have been cuttin about the town today).

Da – Father. (My da is at work).

Dafty –  Foolish person. (What have you been doing, you dafty).

Daunder/daunner – a walk. (Shall we go a daunder around the park?).

Didnae – Did not. (I didnae do that).

Dinnae – Do not. (Dinnae do that).

Doon – Down. (Turn that doon).

Dreich – Damp, overcast, wet. (It is a dreich morning).

Drookit – Soaking wet, drenched. (I fell in the river and I am drookit).

Dug – a Dog. (Have you saw my dug?).

Dunderheid – Idiot, a fool. (Look at that dunderheid).

Dunno / dinny ken – I don’t know. (I dinny ken what she has been doing).

Dunt – Nudge. (I will give him a dunt).

Eejit – Idiot. (What are you doing you eejit).

Eh – What. (eh? what did you say?).

Fae – From. (Where are you fae?).

Fanny – Vagina. (He’s a wee fanny).

Fash – Fuss, worry (Dinnae fash yersel).

Flit – Move house. (We are flitting tomorrow).

Foond – Found. (I foond my wallet).

Fu – Full up. (I am fu).

Fud – Vagina, pejorative. (The manager is a fud).

Gadgey / gadgie – Man (That gadgey is looking at us).

Gaff – House. (Would you like to come over to my gaff).

Gammie – Injured body part. (I cannot walk, I’ve got a gammie leg).

Gaun yersel – Congratulations. (Gaun yersel, we are proud of you).

Gash – Poor (Celtic are gash at football).

Geez – Give me. (Geez a sweetie).

Glaikit – Stupid looking. (You are glaikit looking).

Gonnae no dae that – Please do not do that. (Gonnae no dae that, it is annoying me).

Gobble – Eat as if starving. (She gobbled they sausages down).

Gob – Mouth. (Shut your gob).

Goon – Idiot (You are a goon).

Graftin – Work. (I have been graftin today).

Grannied – Did not score a single point. (I was grannied at pool tonight).

Granda – Grandfather. (I am going to see my granda).

Greet – Cry. (She started to greet).

Gutties – Trainers. (Let me get my gutties on).

Hame – Home (I am going hame).

Harry hoofter– Rhyming slang for poofter, a derogatory term for a homosexual man. (He is a harry hoofter).

Hauf – Half. (I will just have a hauf pint).

Haver – Silly talk, nonsense. (stop your haverin).

Haud yer wheesht – Stop talking. (haud yer wheesht, I am trying to watch the television).

Heid – Head. (My heid is sore).

Hee haw – Nothing. (We went to the shops but got hee haw).

Heavin – Very busy. (The pub is heavin tonight).

Hoachin – Full. (The beach was hoachin).

Hogmanay – Ney Years Eve. (Happy Hogmanay!).

Hole – Sex. (She will be getting her hole tonight).

Honkin – Smelly. (Your breath is honkin).

Hummin – Smelly. (The toilet is hummin). 

Jaggies – Stinging nettles. (Watch out for the jaggies).

Jakey – Drug addict. (He is a jakey).

Janny – Janitor. (The janny will fix the broken door).

Jessie – Coward. (He was a jessie).

Jobby – Poo. (She is away for a jobby).

Kelpie – Mythical water creature resembling a horse. (He said they saw a kelpie by the water).

Kip – Bed or Sleep. (I am going to get some kip).

Knob – Penis. (You are a knob).

Keek – Stealthily look. (keek round the corner and watch them coming).

Laddie – A boy or young man (That is my laddie).

Laldy – Enthusiastically trying. (Give it laldy).

Lamped – To be struck. (I got lamped walking home last night).

Lavvy – Toilet (I am going to the lavvy).

Lecky – Electricity. (How much lecky are we due?).

Lifted – Arrested by the police. (She got lifted this morning).

Lassie – A girl or young woman. (That lassie is beautiful).

Lugs – Ears. (My lugs are frozen).

Loused – Finished. (I’m loused for today).

Malkied – Hit or Drunk (He was malkied last night).

Mauchit – Very dirty (Your trousers are mauchit).

Messages – Shopping (My mum sent me for messages last night).

Midden – Mess. (this room is a midden).

Mince – Rubbish – (Do not talk mince).

Minger – A dirty or ugly person. (He is a minger).

Minted – Rich. (Look at his motor, he must be minted.)

Mokit – Dirty. (Your shoes are mokit).

Muckle – Large (I caught a muckle fish yesterday).

Munter – Ugly person (She was a munter).

Nae danger – No chance. (Nae danger am I working on Sunday).

Napper – Head. (The ball hit him right on the napper).

Neebur– Neighbour or friend. (How is it going neebur).

Neeps – Turnips (neeps and tatties).

Nippy – Annoying. (That dog is nippy).

Numpty – Stupid. (You are a numpty).

Pan – Break. (We panned the greenhouse windows in).

Patter – Banter. (Your patters boring me).

Peely wally – Looking pale and unwell. (You are looking peely wally, are you ok?).

Piece – Sandwich (Have you got a piece with you for lunch?).

Sassenach – English person. (How are you Sassenach).

Scaff – Poor, Scrounger. (She is a scaff).

Scunnered – Fed up. (I am scunnered I did not get that job).

Shan – A shame (That is shan).

Simmer – Calm down (Simmer down).

Skelp – To smack or hit. (He skelped the ball right into the back of the net).

Sleekit – Sly or untrustworthy (I widnae buy a car from that sleekit bastard). 

Square go – A fair fight, one on one fight. (Come on, lets have a square go then).

Steamin – Drunk. (Sorry I was steamin last night).

Stoater – A beauty. (Look what he found, it is a stoater).

Stoor – Dust. (Look at all that stoor on the telly).

Sweltering – Boiling (It is absolutely sweltering today).

Tadger – Penis, (Put your tadger away).

Tanned – Finish fast. (I tanned a whole bottle of whisky last night). 

Tatties – Potatoes, can also be an endearing term. (Come here you wee tattie).

Toaty – Small. (Look at the toaty wee rabbit).

Twa – Two. (There was twa of them).

Wallap – Smack. (He wallaped the boy).

Wallaper – Idiot or penis (The manager is a wallaper).

Wean – Child. (Give this to the wean).

Wee – Small. (That is a wee looking pint).

Wheesht – Be quiet (Haud yer wheesht).

Yonks – Long time ago. (I have not saw you for yonks).