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Tips for Paddle Boarding in Scotland

Paddle Boarding is becoming increasingly popular in Scotland, we love getting outside and exploring our beautiful country and Paddle Boarding has opened up the Lochs and Seas for us to expore now too!

If you would like to learn some of our best beginner tips for Paddle Boarding then read on to find our top tips to get you paddling away.


Choose the Right Gear

As with any other sport, having the right gear can be essential to your overall enjoyment and safety. Before you get started in stand up paddle boarding, make sure to get suitable equipment for your skill level. We use an inflatable Paddle Board which allows us to easily transport to distant locations and also easily stored away when not in use.

Use a Leash

One of the main things you need to prioritize when engaging in any kind of water sport is safety. When paddle boarding, you definitely shouldn’t forget to tether yourself to your board with a leash. Your board becomes your life saving device when you get tired, lost, or when you find yourself a little too far from shore.

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Use All of the Paddle

Don’t be scared to dunk that paddle all the way in to the water. When you are paddling reach forward as far as comfortable and plant your paddle blade fully in the water before you start your stroke. This will give you maximum power with each stroke and will fully engage your body giving you more stability. When your paddle is moving deep in the water your body will use it as an extra balancing point.

Keep Looking Forward

As a beginner it is natural to look down at the board. However this is not a good idea. Looking down will compromise your balance. Try to focus on where your going, this will help aid your balance and feel more natural.

Always Monitor your Distance from Land

As a beginner you don’t want to struggle getting back into shore. So begin your session paddling into the wind and your return journey will not be an ordeal.

Swim for the Board, Not the Paddle

If you fall off your board swim for the board, not the paddle. If you lose your board you could be in a lot of trouble. If you lose your paddle you can still paddle your board with your hands. Your board is an excellent flotation device. Grab your board, climb back up, lay on your belly and paddle with your hands like a surfer to retrieve your paddle.

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Enjoy Yourself and Stay Safe

The most important thing about Paddle Boarding, and possibly the best tip we can offer is to just enjoy yourself out their. Always keep your safety your number one priority. The Scottish Lochs and Seas can be fierce beasts at times. Treat them with the respect they deserve and always Stay Safe.

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