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Hoots Mon!

Hoots Mon , Scotlander

Hoots Mon, what does it mean?

‘Hoots Mon’ a stereotypical Scottish phrase most commonly used as an interjection similar to ‘hey you’ or ‘hey man’. This is a common cliché highlighting Scots language pronunciation.

UK Hit Single

Hoots Mon was also the name of a song performed by Lord Rockinghams XI. It was a number one hit single for three weeks in 1958, featured below in our music video clip.

The song doesn’t have many verses in it but each one is on point with the Scottish stereotyped language pronunciation.

‘Och Aye’ translation ‘Oh Yes’

‘There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose’ translation ‘There’s a mouse loose about this house’.

‘It’s a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht.’ translation ‘It’s a nice, bright, moonlight night.’

And of course, ‘Hoots mon’ translation ‘hey man’

Television Commercial

Hoots Mon was also used very successfully in a commercial for Maynards Wine Gums. With the line ‘there’s a moose loose aboot this hoose’ changed to ‘there’s juice loose aboot this hoose’.

The commercial was so popular that the company decided to revive the advert some 17 years later. The advert featured all the classic stereotypical Scottish clichés from a manic kilted highlander to a mounted moose head and a set of animated bagpipes. View this commercial below in our video clip.