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Thinking Of Hiring A Camper Van In Scotland?

Are you thinking about hiring a campervan in Scotland?

If your answer is “Aye maybe” then look no further.

Hiring a camper van in Scotland will allow you to see Scotland’s beautiful scenary in comfort, its relatively cheap to hire and it will allow you to bring things along that regular camping wouldn’t.

The Benefits:

  • Ability to travel all over Scotland
  • No baggage
  • Comfort
  • Its cheap to hire
  • It’s a travelling home
  • You will have space for things that normal camping wouldn’t allow

Lets Look Further:


The ability to travel all over Scotland is certainly the best one on the list in my opinion. You could be driving through Glen Coe towards Inverness one day to search for Nessy and then head over to Oban to see the beautiful harbour there or you could keep venturing north and visit the Orkney Islands to see the historic Skara brae site.

Whatever your plan is you will get alot more ticked off your Scottish checklist when your in a camper van.

No Baggage

If your used to camping the normal way (walking around) then a camper van holiday might be a welcome change for you. There will be no baggage to carry around all day which means you will have more energy when you do get to your destination.

More Space

If your travelling through Scotland in a camper van you will have space for additional things like bikes that can be attached to your camper. If your a cycling enthusiast then this will benefit you greatly as there are so many roads all around Scotland that a re beautiful to cycle through.

More Details

You will have more comfort in a camper van compared with regular camping.  Camper vans are also relatively cheap to hire.


How To Hire:

We don’t have the exact details on how much a camper van will cost to hire, we have provided a link below that will take you to Alba Campers website which will give you an idea of the cost and help you if your looking to hire.

What’s better a camper van holiday or camping the old school way?

Let us know in the comments below.